About Us

HOWHIGH2FLY is designed solely by Elijah Audre. This luxury streetwear brand is to show self elevation in the form of colors, shapes, and vibes. Every release is meant to keep the audience thinking. All titles and releases have a play on words to mean two things, depending on how it is looked at. HOWHIGH2FLY is more than a clothing brand. It is a way of living to be better than the day before. Interaction with all those involved in HOWHIGH2FLY keeps the name of the brand going!

HOWHIGH2FLY is separated into two styles of distribution and design. The first is our runway pieces for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. These pieces are showcased on the runway first, then can be available for preorder and distribution into select boutiques, showrooms, and seasonal stores. This style is for our high end pieces that are limited to 30 pieces of each design. These items are to pass the artistic boundaries of collections before.
Our second style is called "Ascended Regular". These pieces are more open to every day buyers including shirts, shorts, crop tops, pants, and stitched jeans. The price of these items are lower than the price of our runway pieces because of how open they are to being available to more customers!